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Protecting Your Assets WorldWide   

The World is uncertain.   Violence erupts sporadically in locations that are primed to support, or encourage, your business.  Business must be able to exploit emerging opportunities regardless of location Worldwide, regardless of risk, regardless of any potential security threat.

Thru Proactive Security Procedures and Aggressive Technology Advances, Vanguard Consulting Group is here to help protect your assets and to support your business goals.  By partnering with us, you will greatly increase your chances of success with reduced risk.  Vanguard Consulting Group is a total solutions package company, able to provide virtually any aspect of security or support required by the client in order to meet their unique needs.

We Are Here to help you succeed!

About Us

VANGUARD will provide the client with experienced, professional security operations to further their production needs in a safe and secure environment.  Our approach will not only mitigate risk to the client and the client company assets, but will sustain productions without hindrance.  VANGUARD personnel’s familiarity and understanding of oil and gas production operations from seismic to drilling allows them to operate as part of the client’s team to ensure timely and efficient production.  VANGUARD has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry within the Kurdistan Region and can provide references to confirm its success.

Simply stated, there is no company, or team of companies in the world today able to provide the level of knowledge, experience, and professional personnel that the VANGUARD team offers.  The VANGUARD team combines the experience, continuity, planning and cost efficiencies that make them the clear choice for security work in Iraqi Kurdistan.
VANGUARD has earned the reputation as a leader in responding quickly and effectively to com­plex, dynamic and demanding Kurdistan Regional Government ( KRG) contracts. In its history of supporting the KRG, VANGUARD has continually and consistently demonstrated its ability to successfully perform under extremely demanding deadlines, ever changing environments and the pressures of high profile activities. VANGUARD’s success is due, in large part, to the establishment of and commitment to the highest standards of management, oversight, resource recruiting, security processing and fiscal practices essential to smooth performance of sensitive and complex contracts. Our focus has been and will remain on meeting our client's and employee's needs and expectations.

VANGUARD will provide the physical security based on a combination of American management and trained Kurdish special operators from the KRG security forces.  VANGUARD is comprised of seasoned and experienced professionals who have decades of operational experience and a clear understanding of the complexity of international security operations.


Features Benefits
Experience in Iraq and Kurdistan Vanguard has over 4 years of experience providing professional services within Iraq and Kurdistan.  Our team’s unique understanding of the culture, geography and religious environment of Kurdistan sets us apart from our competitors.
Kurdish Partners By having Kurdish partners with strong bonds to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) allows the client to enjoy a fluid production without interference.  Vanguard’s partners can provide liaison with the government during any phase of an operation to assist the client around any hurdles like visas, permits, approvals and rival protest
Operators with Collateral Skill Sets All Vanguard personnel are experienced and effective security operators each with additional specialized skill sets, such as combat medic and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), to provide a continuity of operation without undue delays at no extra cost to the client.
Medical Services Providing clients with an onsite medical service mitigates risk and promotes a healthier environment for everyone involved in the operation.  Medical personnel are available 24 hours a day for tending to everything from the common cold to cardiac arrest.

VANGUARD understands the importance of utilizing the best resources available.  After careful due diligence, VANGUARD has selected two very effective Kurdish partners to ensure consistent and reliable operations.  Both partners, STER Group and ARAM, are experienced security companies with strong ties to the KRG.

Wellington T. “Duke” Leonard

Mr. Leonard is an international consultant and program manager with over forty years experience specializing in the design, development, and implementation of security related services in a semi or non permissive environment. He was recently the ARAM-Vanguard Program Manager for Seismic Security for the Hunt Oil concessions. Mr. Leonard is a former U.S. Navy SEAL with twenty four years of service. He was the In-Country Program Manager since May of 2004 for the most successful program in Iraq, the Iraqi National Police Development Division’s (NPDD) Training Center in Iraq, a 240 million dollar contract. He led the design, development and equipping of a National Counter Terrorist Emergency Response Unit (ERU) based on the FBI’s HRT and a National Diplomatic Protective service based on the U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Security division. He built the training center from the ground up and managed the Life Support functions for 1700 billeted personnel. He is also responsible for the management, coordination, and Mentorship of the Iraqi Diplomatic Security Details for the seven Tier One Ministers (President, 2 VPs, PM, 2 Deputy PM’s and the Speaker of the House) and the twenty two Tier Two Ministers (Minister of Interior, Minister of Oil, Minister of Finance, etc.). In this capacity, he is responsible for the training, equipage, and Mentoring of over 2,500 Sunni/Shia Iraqis and 1,500 Kurds with major security operations in Baghdad, Mosul and Kurdish Suleymania. Prior to his Iraq service, Mr. Leonard has worked in senior security advisory positions throughout the Middle East since 1991.

Capt. William M. Shepherd, USN Ret.

Capt. Shepherd, “Shep”, graduated from the US Naval Academy and was commissioned in the US Navy in 1971. He completed Basic Underwater Demolition Team ( UDT)/SEAL training in 1972, and also attended the Navy’s Naval Construction and Engineering program at MIT, graduating in 1978 with the degrees of Ocean Engineer and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He returned to the Special Warfare community as a platoon commander and operations officer at SEAL Team Two, completing a variety of classified developmental missions from 1981 to 1984, when he was selected for the Astronaut Program. Capt. Shepherd trained at Johnson Space Center in Houston, CAPT Shepherd and helped direct the underwater search and salvage of the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986. “Shep” also flew 3 Shuttle missions as a Mission Specialist Astronaut and flight engineer. In 1993, CAPT Shepherd was assigned as the Program Manager for the International Space Station, where he led a 12,000 person government/industry team to guide the technical, management, and operational details of the new program. In 1996, “Shep” was selected to command the first crew to the new station. The crew spent 141 days in space, during a voyage of 58,000,000 miles, and returned to Earth aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery in March 2001. In 2001, Capt. Shepherd returned to the SEAL community and completed a 30 year Navy career with an assignment to Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command, assisting with the development of new capabilities and programs for the SEALs of tomorrow. Over his career, he earned numerous U.S. and foreign medals and awards, including the Congressional Space Medal of Honor which he was awarded in January 2003. Capt. Shepherd retired from active duty in Jan. 2002 and is now working in private industry on research and development projects for the aerospace and defense sectors.

Dennis C. Chalker

From 1972 to 1997 Mr. Chalker served twenty five years in the U.S. Navy SEAL Team/Naval Special Warfare Development Group. He developed an important expertise as Naval Security Coordination Team (Red Cell) with responsibilities that included the development and execution of security measures on Force Protection, Security Details and security awareness courses for military installations and US Embassies world wide in conjunction with the U.S. Department of State. During his career his responsibilities have included the management of 500 instructors and 1500 students as well as over seeing the air and underwater diving operational training in conjunction with the US Army Special Forces community. From May 2002 to September 2002 he managed the Force Protection/Security Detail of 40 U.S. personnel and 60 Afghan nationals in Kabul, Afghanistan for the U.S. government, and from May 2004 to December 2006 he was the Deputy Program Manager for the National Police Development Division (NPDD) in Baghdad Iraq at Camp Dublin, where he advised, assisted and mentored senior Iraqi military and law enforcement personnel in the management of Training and Operations in support of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU), Center for Dignitary Protection (CDP) and the Tier One and Tier Two Minister’s protective Security Details. He has mentored and assisted the ERU operationally when deployed in Fallujah and Mosul and he has lived and operated 24/7 with the ERU on location and coordinated with the Kurdish National Guards throughout Kurdistan. He has also been the senior advisor responsible for the coordination of movement and residential Force Protection for the Tier One Iraqi officials such as President Talibani.


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